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We present our promotional video. You can find more information on our social networks, support us, follow us, and most importantly, start turning your time into social aids. Discover the power of a click. Start today, be one more, BeeOneMore!

We are all BeeOneMore

Social problems were never as present in society as they are today. The social conscience seems to wake up again and it does it with force. It is, therefore, the best time to launch our social project: BeeOneMore.

Every entity with social purposes worries and is interested in a specific deficiency and, to face it, seeks help among people sensitized to the same objective. BeeOneMore, on the other hand, does not limit its scope. Its users are free to publish any type of social project for which funding is desired and can be carried out. In this way, we neither limit nor condition social aid.

Social entrepreneurship does not correspond to a few companies, it corresponds to all of us. Obviously, not all of us are going to undertake, but we are going to participate in these projects. This is how we understand it from BeeOneMore and, therefore, we have made participating in our social project easy, fast and effective. And, unlike other initiatives, totally free. We do not accept donations. How is it possible?

The objective is to create a large community of users who publish all kinds of social projects. Each project will be assigned, depending on the budget to be obtained, a minimum number of votes. The more votes the project receives, the more funding it will get. And, in case of obtaining all the necessary votes, the requested budget will be awarded in full. User votes are transformed into money for projects thanks to our advertising-based revenue model. Just by browsing the web, publishing projects, sharing them or voting on them, you will be helping to create such income. This is the formula that BeeOneMore proposes. A new way of social financing that hardly requires time on the web.

Technology at the service of society for society, making it possible for all of us to “undertake” with a simple click. Many of the hours we surf the internet end up reporting very little to us. Instead, a few minutes in www.beeonemore.com can report a lot. Let's take advantage of this growing social awareness and make it stay with us.

Join up. #BeeOneMore.

The added value of BeeOneMore

Facebook, Youtube, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn or Google+. It is very likely that you use some of these social networks. Daily and free, apparently, of course. Since "when a product is free, the product is you". It is obvious. Who would invest so much money in offering a service for nothing?

Facebook is an advertising company and its social network is just the means to show it to us. The user does not pay with money to be able to use said platform, but he does it with something much more valuable: his data. Our tastes, interests, customs and needs end in a kind of parametric code that helps Facebook to know what advertising to show us and at what time. Advertising that is tailored to our interests so that advertising companies maximize their sales. In other words, what is known as “being in the right place at the right time”.

This is how user to user we have made these companies great. We are its main assets because we are the ones who direct advertising, its business model. A business that moves exorbitant numbers. The 55.838 million dollars of Facebook, the 6,840 of Instagram or the 3,042 of Twitter stand out.

The numbers indicate that advertising is a profitable business model, but it also betrays its dependence on the number of users, since Facebook, the social network with the largest number of followers, is by far the one with the most turnover. Obvious.

The injustice seems evident. If such billings are a reality thanks to us, why are we not being rewarded in some way? Where does the net profit go?

It is just these questions that highlight the BeeOneMore project. The business model is similar to that of other social networks: getting a large number of users to whom to show advertising and generate income with the GREAT DIFFERENCE of returning to society what it itself was capable of generating. The social platform, like any service, carries its costs and its viability must be guaranteed, but 90% of the net profit is returned to society in the form of financing for any type of social project.

Among a large number of users, it is normal for concerns to be disparate. Some will be more concerned with climate change, others with animal abuse, others with hunger or disease research. Thousands upon thousands of different interests that have a place, absolutely all, in BeeOneMore. It is enough to publish a social project, set an economic amount to carry it out, and the next step will be to gather the necessary votes to finance it. In summary, the money generated by users will be used to finance social projects voted by users.

Despite the existence of numerous NGOs, associations and volunteers, as well as the success obtained, we regret to conclude that it is not enough. The source of income of such entities has been mostly donations. And with these donations we do everything we can, which is a lot, but still insufficient. Social problems are of such a scale that they are either addressed by society or will continue to win our hand.

And, for this, BeeOneMore is born. To add a large part of this society so that it contributes to the creation of a great social economy, thanks to advertising, and to be able to tackle social projects with a good injection of economic funds that allow us to face them with greater guarantees. Do you join the challenge?

#Join up! #BeeOneMore!

Así financiamos proyectos sociales!

BeeOneMore earns its income thanks to the time each user browses the web. The user is our great value and traffic on our website is the best way to monetize it.

The big difference from any other website is that BeeOneMore uses these proceeds to fund monthly social projects that have received the most votes.

In this way, the user browses the web, generates an income and decides which projects to use. All this in the fastest and easiest way today: from a mobile and with one click.

This is how BeeOneMore finances social projects.