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Animal Therapy is another pilot project launched by BeeOneMore that aims to show that a new model of social assistance is possible. A model that generates money without asking for it and that is only understood from the massive involvement of society, thanks to thousands and thousands of solidarity clicks.

Clicks, in this case, to finance an animal therapy session with horses dedicated to improving the lives of children with functional diversity or special needs. A fun therapy and far from hospitals that, however, is very efficient and key in its development.

Financing a therapy session is not the solution, nor is it our aspiration, but we have to know how to walk before running. Let's get the necessary support for this cause and, from there, continue to grow. Let's talk about a session today and perhaps an annual therapy tomorrow. Without your vote it will not be possible. Support the project and be one more. - BeeOneMore -

This therapy session will be paid to the foundation that wants to collaborate with BeeOneMore and wants to raffle a free horse therapy session among its patients. We hope that this project will serve as a starting point and the goal will be ever greater.


Laughing at life is a pilot project launched by BeeOneMore with which we intend to show that a new model of social aid is possible. A model that has the consumption of advertising as the main strategy of economic income to return it to the user in the form of financing social projects, specifically those projects with the most votes.

A project that aims to restore hospitalized children to their status as children, cheering them on with performances by professional clowns, adapted to each child and coordinated with healthcare personnel. In this way, children and relatives unconsciously and for a while dramatize hospital stays and the medical environment, outlining a smile from ear to ear.

The aim of this project is to make a few boys and girls happy with the financing of an action, but we are aware that the challenge is not this, but to reach the maximum possible number of boys and girls. Therefore, support the project and be one more. - BeeOneMore -

This project is carried out in collaboration with Payasospital and we hope that together we will be able to see many more children smile.


Schönlein-Henoch purpura, Hutchinson's Progeria or Marie's ataxia. They are not novels, nor premiere movies. We don't know what they are and we hardly care. It is true. It's like that ..

There are only 3 of the more than 7000 rare diseases that are known in the world. And not only against clinical uncertainty, but also against widespread social apathy, those who suffer them must fight. In our country, just over 3 million people.

The difficulty in obtaining an early diagnosis, translates into a significant delay in the application of medical treatments, and is the cause of the worsening of the disease in at least 30% of cases. It's not just a couple of weeks or months, we talk about an average of five years from the first symptom until the diagnosis is obtained. Time is worth gold, and more, if we talk about fighting a disease. So every day a battle is lost, it means the decline in the quality of life of these people and the worsening of their situation.

In addition, the diagnosis does not guarantee that there is a treatment against the disease in question. These are diseases that only affect 5 out of 10 thousand people, and it is this fact that makes it difficult for resources to be allocated for research. Consequently, the economic costs fall more heavily on patients and their families. A cost that represents a large part of the annual income of a family, because apart from medicines, you have to pay for transfers to specialized centers and, in many cases, personal assistance, because it is normal for these diseases to cause a loss of physical faculties and / or mental.

Beyond the numbers, there is another factor to reconsider with which we started this article. Apathy, discrimination and social rejection. A reality that only aggravates the plight of these people with problems such as depression and loss of self-esteem. A fact that leads them from bewilderment to despair, leaving fear, sadness and loneliness along the way. A swing of emotions that can destroy the most solid personality.

But there is something we can do and they are not donations. It is a small gesture that can become a great change for these people. A simple click is everything. Support the “PILOT PROJECT: RESEARCH IS THE STANDARD” and sharing it is the key to adding many clicks and that with this we can turn them into social financing to collaborate in the research and treatment of these rare diseases.

Join up. BeeOneMore


“Investigate is normal” is a pilot project launched by BeeOneMore with which it is intended to demonstrate that a new financing and social behavior model is possible. Never before has a click had so much social value and now, in addition, it is uncovered as a new way to finance medical research.

Rare diseases or, translated into the daily life of the patient, uncertain diagnoses, inadequate treatments, frustrated movements in search of answers, impotence ... try to fight something uncertain from the most absolute ignorance.

Therefore, there is no other way. Investigating is the expensive way we should take to shed some light on these types of diseases. Because not being sick, does not exclude us from which sooner or later one of these diseases appears in our lives and, by then, we will be late again.

Maybe for you, maybe for others, but just one click separates you from facilitating the study and investigation of rare diseases, to get them to stop being one day. Support the project and be one more. - BeeOneMore -

The symbolic quantity of € 75 will be donated to FEDER to assist in research against rare diseases. We hope it will be a starting point for new and more ambitious projects.