Norms of use


Norms of use

The rules of use should serve users as a guide to act correctly on the platform. Those users and / or contents that violate our Rules of Use will be automatically deleted. Therefore, we ask members of our community to meet the following standards:

  1. Viability. Any project that pursues a social purpose and NOT an economic, private or business benefit, will have a place on this platform, although all of them will be subject to internal control. It is the requirement of any project to have an entity that carries out the proposed project.
  2. No violence. BeeOneMore does not allow content that incites, encourages or celebrates violence. Any activity that is considered a real risk of violation of this rule may be eliminated and the disqualification of the account will be assessed.
  3. No hate. Hate speeches or languages that incite it are not accepted, as well as any type of content that attacks, damages or belittles a single person based on characteristics such as age, disability, health status, sexual orientation , gender identity, nationality, geographical, racial, ethnic, cultural or religious origin.
  4. No Inappropriate Content. Contents that are too explicit such as strong images, violent words, explicit sexual content, cruel and insensitive or unnecessarily offensive content will be grounds for their elimination.
  5. Protection of minors. We do not allow content that affects or endangers minors as content related to suicides, self-harm, nudes, sexual exploitation, bullying, harassment ... Such content will be immediately removed.
  6. No Violation-No Violation of privacy and image privacy rights. Do not share or publish personal or confidential information of other people without their prior consent. Also, we ask you to report images or content that may be infringing the privacy rights of other people. The only person responsible for the published information is the one who publishes it, so the privacy of other people must be respected at all times.
  7. Intellectual property. You are the owner of all content and information you publish on BeeOneMore. Make sure you are authorized to do so. It is necessary to respect copyright, trademarks and any other intellectual property rights.
  8. No spam. The use of the platform for the direct sale of products or services, the sending of unsolicited emails or any other type of spam is not allowed.
  9. No Politics. BeeOneMore is a totally apolitical project. We disassociate ourselves from any ideology, relationship or partisan treatment, although any project for social purposes that comes from any party will be treated like the rest of the projects.
  10. No phishing. Authenticity and transparency are the foundations of our community. BeeOneMore is intended to share stories of real people and support real causes and projects. We strive to create a safe environment in which people can trust and, where appropriate, demand responsibilities. We do not authorize the use of several accounts or the usurpation of others.
  11. No illegality. BeeOneMore is a platform where more than denouncing social problems, we act against them, but always from a legal activity. You cannot violate the applicable national law, which includes laws that protect the rights of other people, so if they are affected with defamatory content, we will be forced to eliminate it.

There is a lot of content that is uploaded to the platform, so we trust that our users report possible breaches of the Rules of Use.

We believe in the power of freedom of expression on the Internet, so we will not censor the contents that do not violate our Rules of Use, even if they are shocking, offensive, or in total disagreement.