Pilot project: 1 KG rice

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Pilot project: 1 KG rice

Presupuesto: 6 €.

Valor del Bee: 0,10 €.

Publication date: 11/01/2019
The project has been completed successfully.

Bees 6,00 €
Compras 0,00 €

“1 kg of rice” is a pilot project launched by BeeOneMore. Our pilot projects aim to demonstrate that this new system of social assistance at the click of a button is not only valid, but also it can cause a great change in the financing and social behavior model.

Buying “1kg of rice” thanks to 1580 clicks does not seem to be the solution against hunger, but it does show the way. It is only a matter of scale to be able to fill trucks, ships or airplanes with the necessary food to help those who suffer from hunger.

There is no social problem that a few can solve; On the other hand, there is also no social problem that society cannot solve. Therefore, be part of this society, support the project and be one more. - BeeOneMore -

This kilo of rice will be donated to the food bank of Valencia and will serve as a starting point for more ambitious projects.

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