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Fecha de publicación: 21/03/2020
Finished project.

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Animal Therapy is another pilot project launched by BeeOneMore that aims to show that a new model of social assistance is possible. A model that generates money without asking for it and that is only understood from the massive involvement of society, thanks to thousands and thousands of solidarity clicks.

Clicks, in this case, to finance an animal therapy session with horses dedicated to improving the lives of children with functional diversity or special needs. A fun therapy and far from hospitals that, however, is very efficient and key in its development.

Financing a therapy session is not the solution, nor is it our aspiration, but we have to know how to walk before running. Let's get the necessary support for this cause and, from there, continue to grow. Let's talk about a session today and perhaps an annual therapy tomorrow. Without your vote it will not be possible. Support the project and be one more. - BeeOneMore -

This therapy session will be paid to the foundation that wants to collaborate with BeeOneMore and wants to raffle a free horse therapy session among its patients. We hope that this project will serve as a starting point and the goal will be ever greater.

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