Terms and conditions


Terms and conditions

Who can use it?

En BeeOneMore, toda persona, asociación u organización sin ánimo de lucro que se registre en la plataforma tiene la posibilidad de votar y publicar proyectos que persigan un beneficio colectivo y tengan un carácter social con el fin de recaudar financiación para poder llevarlos a cabo. Dicha financiación se consigue a través de los votos de los usuarios y NO de sus donaciones.

The goal is none other than to create an effective tool to contribute, as much as possible, to everything that involves a social improvement, from the smallest of the projects to the most ambitious.

Express your help proposals, your suggestions for change, your ideas to solve problems or your experience to improve situations and be a little more useful to this society.

Who carries out the projects?

Las asociaciones y organizaciones sin ánimo de lucro que obtengan financiación para sus proyectos deberán encargarse de realizarlos y documentar a través de vídeo-testimonios o fotografías acompañadas de un breve texto el correcto uso de la financiación obtenida. El objetivo no es otro que mostrar a los usuarios que el dinero recaudado ha llegado a la correspondiente asociación y ésta lo ha invertido en la causa publicada. De este modo, se aporta veracidad al proceso al mismo tiempo que se anima a otras asociaciones a formar parte de esta comunidad. Será obligatorio emitir un certificado de donación.

Associations and organizations that obtain financing for their projects must be responsible for carrying them out and accepting an audit that controls the correct use of the financing obtained.

Users may propose that BeeOneMore be the one to carry out the project or find an association that takes charge of it. In case of not having means or not finding such an association, the project will not comply with the Rules of Use and will not be published.

How does it work?

Published the projects, these will be voted and shared by the users of the platform to add new votes. Each user can vote all the projects that interest him and repeat his vote day after day, so that a single user can be much more than a single vote.

To submit a project, it is only necessary to fill in the fields corresponding to “Start a Project” and submit the application. BeeOneMore will verify that it complies with the Rules of Use, and, in this case, will proceed to its publication on the website. Depending on the estimated budget, the project will need more or less votes. If the project does not reach 50% of the estimated votes, it does not receive funding; if it reaches or exceeds 50% of the votes, it will receive the proportion proportional to the votes obtained; If you reach 100% of the votes, you will get the full budget initially submitted.

Si el proyecto no alcanza el 50% del presupuesto establecido, no recibe financiación; superado el 50% del presupuesto objetivo, recibirá el total recaudado aunque no alcance el 100% del objetivo.

Where does the financing come from?

BeeOneMore was born with the intention of giving back to the user the worth that he himself is able to generate through the viewing of advertising, allowing him to assign his part to the social cause that most worries him. Advertising invades us at any time and place every day. BeeOneMore aims to take advantage of this era of advertising marketing, in which we live, and make the worth it generates available to the user. The goal is none other than to invest it in social purposes, so that we can define BeeOneMore as the first truly social social network.